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Surgeflow 300

surge-flow flow with nature dosing siphon

The Surge-flow Dosing Siphon is installed in a pumpwell following primary or secondary treatment of wastewater and delivers a predetermined flush of water to the Land Application Area.

This reduces the risk of classic trench failure by evenly distributing treated effluent along the entire length of trenches and ETA beds. Treatment efficiency is also improved by wetting and drying of the soil.


* Requires no electricity
* Evenly distributes effluent along trenches
* Improves treatment efficiency
* Durable and simple to use
* No moving parts
* Low maintenance


* 76 cm H x 54cm D x 27 cm W
* Flow rate 100L / minute
* 300 mm drawdown
* Requires 42 cm fall from inlet
* Dose depends on diameter of tank
* Suits cylinder shaped pumpwell only